Danielle Blake is a director with an infectious energy and an insatiable love of life. As a recovering actress and English Lit major, she can’t help but notice tiny details, patterns, and metaphors in all of her experiences.

Because she brings that hyper-alert, hyper-sensitive super power into every commercial she touches, she is able to help brands intertwine their mission and ethos on a gut and heart level with just a few seconds of air time. The tiniest detail in every frame communicates meaning.

Her character-driven work takes shape within two genres: Relatable comedy and captivating anthem films. She has a deep appreciation for the ups and downs of life and has a knack for bringing hope to even the most serious moments.

She was gifted a hand-me-down camera in her early 20s which propelled her into a successful career as one of the go-to director/DPs for publications like Rolling Stone, Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, Pitchfork, and Complex. That kept her busy for many years until one of her mentors eventually nudged her into directing in the ad world. Her first ad ever, Philips “There’s Always a Way,” went on to win many industry awards, thus cementing her feet firmly as a director.

Recently, her background in improv comedy has caught up with her and she’s been world building character-driven, energetic, smile-inducing commercials for brands like Snickers, Hostess, and Jack in the Box.

She lays her hat in Austin, TX.